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7 Reasons Why You Should Have The Infinix Note7 In Your Palms.



If you are reading this article and your screen isn’t 6.95 inches long, then I’m guessing you will have to scroll a couple times before reaching the end. Now, that right there is one reason why you need to get the Infinix NOTE 7 – it brings everything you need to see into one view.

It has been three months since the launch of the Infinix NOTE7 and it is no surprise that smartphone enthusiasts are still raving about how incredible the device is. From its impeccable design to its amazing and nearly unbelievable offerings, everything about the device sets it apart from the rest and makes it a must have for every smartphone lover.

7 Reasons Why You Should Have The Infinix Note7 In Your Palms. 13

According to several reviews of the NOTE 7 since it was launched in Nigeria, the device performs brilliantly as a handy tool for carrying out work related functions with ease and is also no slouch in offering high quality entertainment.

If you are a business oriented individual or simply a lover of entertainment, there are lots of things that you can enjoy from the NOTE 7 and here are a few of them.

Amazing 48MP Quad camera with several interesting camera modes.

7 Reasons Why You Should Have The Infinix Note7 In Your Palms. 14

Close up shot comparison; Infinix NOTE 7 vs other cameras.

Infinix NOTE 7’s amazing camera feature comes in handy for every smartphone user. But, if you’re a business owner and you have been forced to move your business online as a result of the recent events, then you might need this more. If you own an online jewelry shop, for instance, you will be able to take crystal clear images of each piece of jewelry for your online adverts using the Infinix NOTE7 macro camera lens. This saves you the cost of getting bulky cameras or hiring a photographer and still ensures that your pictures come out with top quality.

Super Night shot camera

7 Reasons Why You Should Have The Infinix Note7 In Your Palms. 15

Night mode camera comparison; Infinix NOTE 7 shows more color and details



Other interesting camera modes like the night shot also allows users to take wonderful shots in the night time. It doesn’t matter what time it is. Every time is a perfect time for the perfect picture as long as you’re shooting with the Infinix NOTE 7.

Massive gorilla glass screen.

For the “Netflix and chill” and the long hours of gaming when you are off work and need to blow off some steam, the Infinix Note 7 sports a super-wide 6.95 inches long screen. With a screen as wide as this you get to enjoy the best of entertainment during leisure.

7 Reasons Why You Should Have The Infinix Note7 In Your Palms. 16

Awesome processor.

To ensure that every app runs smoothly and you don’t get all red-faced while operating your device due to incessant lags, the NOTE 7 comes with a super-fast MediaTek Helio G70processor.

Long lasting 5000mAh battery

To support and sustain the wonderful experience that the Note 7 creates, the device comes with a whooping 5000mAh battery.  With this much battery, users can play mobile games, watch movies, read up interesting social media contents, and catch up with family and friends on social media without having to plug in their phones for as long as four days.

Beautiful design.

For smartphone users who care a lot about how fashionable their devices look, The Infinix NOTE 7 gives them a run for their money. The device comes with a beautifully crafted gem-cut design that has delicate strokes on the back and gives a smooth feel when its being held. The Infinix NOTE 7 comes in four color options including Aether black, Bolivia blue, and Forest green and purple gradient.

A chance to be part of the storm x campaign and win a whopping 360,000 allowance. Now here’s the most interesting part. You stand a chance to win a one-year allowance of 360,000 naira if you buy the Infinix NOTE 7 from now till the 12th of August. So not only do you get an amazing device to support your daily work and relaxation but you also get a massive allowance to cushion your monthly expenses. Amazing right?

7 Reasons Why You Should Have The Infinix Note7 In Your Palms. 17

7 Reasons Why You Should Have The Infinix Note7 In Your Palms. 18

So, what are you waiting for? Click on the link to purchase the Infinix NOTE 7 now or walk into any SLOT office near you to buy the device and you might just be a lucky winner. For more information about the Infinix Storm X campaign, visit Infinix on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @infinixnigeria.

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